Escorting: The advantages and disadvantages

In every business industry, there are always some positive sides and some negative sides as well. This also applies when it comes to escort business since it also has its pros and cons. However, in the escort business most individuals only care about the negative sides thus not many people are aware of its advantages. Here is an outline of the pros and cons of being an escort.

If there are negative consequences of being in the escort business, then there must also be some advantages to this business as well.

Advantages of escorting

image2One of the major benefits of being in escort business is the amount of money involved. The escort can charge any amount she wants and can serve as many clients as she wants thus making a huge income. While other girls out there are struggling to make their ends meet, an escort can take advantage of the demand and charge high rates to the available clients thus making a reasonable income.

Almost every individual is always pained to receive his or her pay then required to pay taxes at the same time. In fact, many individuals are always looking for loopholes that will help them avoid taxes. In escort business, there are no taxes involved since it has been labeled as an illegal business. Also, even if the governments were to impose taxes in this business, it would be difficult to determine the amount an escort earn since there is no documentation.

Freedom is the other benefit you get to enjoy for being an escort. You manage your time as wish since your answerable to no one. You work for your convenience and most clients usually follow escorts schedules.

Who would not like to make easy and direct money almost on a daily basis? Escorts do not have to wait for payday; they get paid immediately before or after service delivery something every individual would wish for.

Disadvantages of escorting

However, although escort business seems to constitute a lot of fun and sound to be very convenient it also has its disadvantages.

29c979ffe575c55cbee724bda3fce099First, the society has neglected this business and view it as evil. Although in some parts of the word escorting has been accepted as a viable business there are some regions where this business still being condemned. Individuals in this business are usually treated as outcasts in regions where escorting has not been accepted. The nightmare affects even the relationship between escorts and their family member. Family and friends disapproval makes most women hesitate from being open about their jobs, therefore, making them feel isolated.

Escorting also involves working in dangerous situations. Although some escorting agencies tend to protect their workers, the client can turn out to be dangerous and harm the escort before anyone does anything.

Since escorting business is considered as illegal in some regions, its income is also considered to be illegitimate. This prevents a woman from enjoying privileges such as establishing a line of credit since her income cannot be verified. The escorting business also lacks other benefits associated with ordinary jobs such as vacation leaves, sick leaves, and retirement benefits.

However, despite the escorting business having some disadvantages, it has its bright side. Remember other businesses also have their bright and dark sides too.

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